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Saturday, 11 March 2017

Toad migration full on 6.30pm - till as long as you want.

While temperature holds up to about 10C after dark.

Those who would like to help at toad patrols can contact me by mobile/text.

Roads are much busier than they used to be and hi-viz or light coloured clothing is essential. Also a torch, bucket and gloves.

Due to increased risk from speeding traffic, I would not recommend it for families with young children, sadly.



Brian Sumner . said...

Plenty frog spawn up Soil Hill now Steve

Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks Brian. Looks like a bumper Spring for amphibians generally.

Liz Robinson said...

They've removed the toad crossing sign in Copley Village. Seems a negative thing to do. Thought I'd let you know.