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Friday, 26 August 2016


Our garden is literally hopping with this year's tiny frogs, but can anyone tell me how to judge the age of older frogs (we have just one in the garden) like the one in this picture?  Is it 1 year old - or 10?  I'd love to know!  Charlotte


Steve Blacksmith said...

I did a search on this interesting question, and it seems it's hard to know the answer, but anecdotal evidence gives this information for a native frog:

Rana temporaria
European Common Frog
LIT.d 12 Years. Gender unknown, acquired date unknown. K. Curry-Lindahl, in Biegler 1966.

(I think this means at least 12 years.)

Another site stated that a European Toad had been kept for 40 years!

Charlotte Weightman said...

Goodness! That's really interesting, Steve, thank you. I'll have to hold a party for it! 14 froglets hopping about yesterday late afternoon - 5 of them came into the porch.