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Thursday, 11 February 2016

Early Frogspawn 09 02 16

Some early Frogspawn in a Todmorden Garden Pond on 09 02 16,it's a bit earlier than last Year's in same pond which was seen on 16 02 2015,not really suprising the way the Temperatures have been recently !


Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks for that, Brian. You always get the earliest frogspawn up there at Todmorden ! Does that pond have a heater?

I did get my earliest ever Willow Warbler near you at Portsmouth Fishing Lake - 4th April. (I know there have been earlier.)

brian leecy said...

Hi Steve ,no the pond isn't heated,there are 3 ponds unheated in this same Garden,and the 1st Spawn is always in the Lower one,which are stream fed from off the hills.regards Bri.