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Sunday, 20 December 2015

Aurora Alert 20 12 2015

Hi all ,I've just received Aurora Amber Alert now at 1700 hours,the sky looks a bit cloudy ,but Moon won't help matters to see it ! Good Luck if anyone ventures on tops ! and all the best for Christmas and New Year ,regards Bri.ps had a walk up to Langfield Common it looked promising i could see a light patch in the sky forming but i could not see any colour due to all the light pollution,i took a few pics anyway and the camera picked up the Greenish colour,then the clouds rolled in and the rain came down !!


Steve Blacksmith said...

Thanks for that Bri.

Best wishes to you too !

I've just posted about the solstice.

ChrisJB said...

A report and photos of it being seen from the hills above Oldham earlier this evening. I had a quick look out, but patchy cloud isn't helping.

brian leecy said...

Went up on Langfld, it looked promising for a while and could see a pale patch developing,but couldn't see any colour with quite a bit of light pollution over Todmorden,the camera picked up a patch of Green ,then the clouds rolled in and down came the rain !! Got home at 11 pm ish and it's still on Amber alert,though it never went to Red alert .

brian leecy said...

I know at least one Person saw it from Blackshaw Head also.

brian leecy said...

There's a Amber Aurora Alert at moment,20 50 31 12 2015,sky is supposed to clear at 22 00 !! All the best for the new year,regards Bri.

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