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Friday, 6 November 2015

Winter Wildfowl 2015

Nows the time to watch out for Wildfowl coming into our area,mainly they will be Common species,check out any Water Bodies,this Male Teal ,top was feeding in earnest on Warland Marsh,whilst the Male Tufted was on Longfield Dam,but  you never know what might turn up.Also check out any Canada Geese as one or two Pink Footed Geese can turn up with them,as as been the case on Lumbutts Road in recent Years.


Steve Blacksmith said...

Great Pics Brian.
I went up to look at Lumbutts Dam in the week, as a friend thought he had seen a male Scaup there. If there had been, it had gone, but there was a male Tufted Duck. A few Teal, males and females, were the only other ducks.

What names do local people give the three large dams at Lumbutts?
The bottom one is well grown over with water lilies.

brian leecy said...

Hi Steve,thanks for comments,the Lumbutts Dams are Mill Dam,Lee Dam and Top one Healey Dam. Scaup would be a good find locally,I remember me and Ros saw 2 Gadwal a few years back in Walsden.always worth looking out.