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Thursday, 4 June 2015

Mare's Tail (Hippuris vulgaris)

Found this Mare's Tail tonight 4th June at Mytholmroyd at Scout Road Community garden where it has probably been recently introduced, but is the dominant plant in the pond. It is a native but the only local records are from the 18thC, when it was noted at Mixenden and Norland by James Bolton.

I thought it was the dreaded Parrot's Feather water plant which is very invasive; at the moment mostly in the south of England.

And something more colourful. A Southern Marsh Orchid, or possibly a hybrid, seen on a walk on Wednesday 3rd June with Peachysteve when we made a visit to the far south-western boundary areas of Calderdale (near Rishworth.)

For anyone new to the blog: a click on the pictures brings them up full size.


Alison said...

Hi Steve,
There is also a small wild pond a little higher in the wood where they also grow in abundance.

Steve Blacksmith said...

That's interesting. The pond in the park looks fairly new, from the boardwalks and fencing. I wonder how this plant came to be in both ponds . . .
Is the higher, wild pond on the Scout hillside, or further along the valley?
Perhaps be better to look on the map together, or even a visit.

Water plants can be carried around by ducks on their legs, as either stems or seeds.

Anonymous said...

There are some lovely orchids at Cromwell Bpttom too.