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Monday, 18 May 2015

Writing Prize 2015 - Wildlife and the Environment

I am offering a prize of a new natural history field guide to any member of Halifax Scientific Society, Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group, Upper Calderdale Wildlife Group or Calderale Bird Conservation Group:

to the person writing the most interesting piece on their views of how Wildlife and the Natural Environment is being (and could be) conserved and enhanced by the authorities and by landowners, agencies and volunteer groups in Calderdale.

Please stick to Calderdale mainly, though it can link in with adjacent areas.

In the event a tie is judged to have occurred after the entries are read by Halifax Scientific Recorders and Council, there will be a draw of names from the hat to decide the winner. Value of prize up to £16.99.

Deadline for the piece to be in is midsummer day (longest day), mid-day on Sunday 21st June.

Entries can be posted to 40, Dudwell Lane, Skircoat Green, Halifax HX3 0SD,  Or emailed to steve.blacksmith@gmail.com or posted on this blog.

There is a choice of writing about a) Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve (especially North Loop) b) wider Calderdale, 
or c) a particular type of habitat, e.g. waterways, woodlands, grasslands or uplands.

If you are not a regular writer, don't worry. The style, spelling or grammar will not be judged or commented on; only positive ideas and constructive criticism will be valued in your piece. All entrants must refrain from personal or general accusations which might be offensive or verge on the libelous.

You can be as brave and imaginative, even impractical, as you like. You can be technical, romantic or nostalgic. There will be no editing by the judges. You must put your name to the piece and allow it to be published if thought suitable.

This Competition is prompted by the document sent to me for the comments of  Hx. Scientific Society members by:
Anne Holdsworth,
Environmental Projects Officer
Business and Economy Section
Calderdale Metropolitan Borough Council      ---      on 21st April this year.

It is a document about the above department's far-reaching proposals for North Loop at Cromwell Bottom Nature Reserve, which is being re-opened after re-capping which was needed to seal in the household waste buried there. The document is 10 pages long plus two maps which I am willing to try to email to anyone in the above groups; or get it to you some other way.

Let's refer to that Department as "the B and E Section" if abbreviating it.

The proposals in it go far beyond the plans the Cromwell Bottom Wildlife Group had been implementing with the advice of Calderdale Conservation Officers and the co-operation of the Engineers working on the re-capping.

Steve Blacksmith, Chair, Halifax Scientific Society, 18th May 2015.


Philip said...

Is there a recommended length to the essay?

Colin D said...


The Cabinet minutes are located on the link above where they may be viewed . There is also a link to a Petition for those choosing to protect the reserve by haveing North Loop Designated as a Local Nature Reserve

Colin D said...

If you drag link into browser window it will open new page as right click is disabled and save you typing it

Steve Blacksmith said...

No recommended length, Philip.. Hope you are interested in having a go.

Thanks for the link to the Cabinet minutes, Colin.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Just to point out Colin's link mentioned above is located in his own blog, which looks like the Cromwell Bottom Local Nature Reserve official blog but this original one is reachable by clicking on the link at the top of this blog.