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Thursday, 9 October 2014

Tree inscriptions

Many of you will have noticed names and dates etc scribed into the bark of trees, particularly Beech because of its smooth and thin bark.

I discovered this on a Beech in Todmorden and if you look closely it says "Charter Day 1896" and obviously celebrates the town gaining status as a Borough Council in that year. It's in an area away from the public so I doubt anyone has ever seen it before. Amazing that 118 years later it is still readable.

Can anyone beat that date for an earlier inscription? Maybe it should be on a local Notable Tree Register.

1 comment:

Steve Blacksmith said...

Wow ! that's amazing.

I've collected pictures of a 1906 one at Barkisland, at the gates of Barkisland Hall, where a beech has masses of inscriptions. It must have been the bus stop or something.

And at Ryburn Reservoir there's beech that has 1914 - then "War" underneath. And again underneath 1937 (from memory) and "War" underneath. But nothing as old as yours.