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Monday, 7 July 2014


This year seems a good one for Ringlets and there are reasonable numbers up Tod.

But I was in a wet sphagnum field in a woodland clearing up Crag Vale this morning and at a guess there must have been into the hundreds of ringlets; plus some Small Skippers and Meadow Browns. Wonderful to see.

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AndyC said...

It seems odd that the first records for Calderdale wwere on the 8th July 2006 at Crow Nest Quarry, Lightcliffe, 4 males and two females seen in flight. (C.P.Duke, C.V.Duke).
Single male photographed at Sunnyvale on 10th July 2006 (C. V. Duke.)
On the 19th July 2007 ,2 observed at Only House Wood Northowram. They now seem to be in every corner of Calderdale now.Gatekeeper are the same.in fact it is better now than at any other time for number of species.??