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Monday, 18 November 2013

Our new website - courtesy of Paul Ruffle

You can see our new website at Just the home page is finished, and very smart it looks. There is one tab working, the one to bring you to this blog.

The terribly sad news is that Paul, our President, who has been kindly building us the website has had a cardiac arrest during an operation. You may remember that he had a perforated bowel in October, just the day before he was due to fly to Borneo with his partner, Rose.

He was recovering from that when he had another perforation of the bowel which needed emergency surgery.
It was during this operation that his heart stopped. Rose says they started it again pretty quickly, but he may have suffered significant brain damage. He is now in a coma.

I have emailed Rose back and said that all our thoughts are with them.

You can see Paul's own website by searching "Paul Ruffle - Astronomer - Starry starry night".

Paul had brought us one amazing talk and visual presentation entitled "The Birth, Life and Death of Stars", after which we asked him if he would like to be our president, which he immediately accepted. He had planned to bring us another one on the "Physics and Chemistry of the Matter between the Stars" this May, but obviously we don't expect him to be able to do this now.

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