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Friday, 22 February 2013

Species Updates

Chris Sutcliffe, Calderdale Council's area countryside officer is currently updating species lists of all flora and fauna recorded at the sites listed below.

Ogden Water
Any info on any species in any of the following areas would be very helpful in shaping future management.

Beacon Hill
Beechwood Park
Cunnery Wood
Long & Scarr Woods
Mixenden/Wheatley Valley
Shelf Hall Wood
Snake Hill
Sun Wood, Shelf

Chris would be grateful for any information received.  A simple species only list will be good, but if you can supply dates as well, then that would be a real bonus.

Many thanks

Chris Sutcliffe
Area Countryside Officer
Calderdale Countryside Service
Communities Directorate

1 comment:

  1. Hi Chris,

    Do you have the Colin Duke's records? We will have at least some of them, though they might take a bit of digging out. His computer records are still in the process of being hacked into by West Yorkshire Ecology. He died without divulging his passwords.

    At Beechwood Park there is an old (1893)record of Autumn Crocus (C.nudiflorus) but I don't know the exact site, which I would dearly like to. The only clue I have is that they are "to the South of the railway cutting". Actually the record is for Watkinson Hall Park, Ovenden, which I think is part of the area; not sure though.This is a good time to search, as the leaves in spring are often more prominent than the blooms in autumn.