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Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Fungi at Newt Corner, Cromwell Bottom

Here are a couple of fungi seen at Newt Corner, Cromwell Bottom on Saturday 15th Dec 2012

This Bracket was smooth underneath.

Possibly Artist's Bracket, Ganoderma applanatum. 

Jelly Ear

Auricularia auricula-judae ?

The palest I have ever seen

(can you see the cat)?


Steve Blacksmith said...

I agree the top one looks like Artist's Bracket.

The other I think will be some kind of jelly fungus, not A.auricula-judae - one I've not seen before.

No, can't see a cat ...
It's a bit like a pig's nose but not so pink as that ?

Chris Yeates said...

The top one is Daedaleopsis confragosa (blushing bracket); these are old specimens; it is very common at Cromwell Bottom on sallows

Chris Yeates
YNU Mycological Recorder