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Monday, 23 April 2012

Plant ID?

Can anyone identify this aquatic plant for me please?
It's been suggested it might be Watercress?


Bruce said...

Hi Nick
It does look like rorippa nasturtium-aquatica (nasturtium officinale). Its fairly common in ditches, waterways ETC. Steve will know for certain though.

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Bruce, is that a native British species? thinking of including it in a pond designed for Newts etc

Bruce said...

Water cress was recorded by James Bolton in the eighteenth century, especially around this area, so its as natural as you can get. Although still hang on for Steve to reply to make sure.

Steve Blacksmith said...

Yes, it looks like watercress, but as there are some extremely poisonous waterside plants, I wouldn't eat it. If you want to grow some to eat, buy a pack from the greengrocers, and stick a few stems in the muddy edge of a pond, or a basket for waterplants with heavy soil in it, half-submerged. They grow dead easy and are very hardy. It has a risk of carrying liver-fluke if sheep have access to the water and they happen to be infected. The fluke has a life-cycle alternating between some mammals and water snails.

Nick Carter said...

Thanks Steve, certainly wasn't thinking of eating it but am looking to plant up a recently dug pond with native species and found this in a nearby pond.