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Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Pholcus phalangioides

This spider also known as the daddy longlegs or sometimes the "skull spider" due to it markings, is spreading north throughout Europe and Britain. It has been in Yorkshire a while now but only recently been seen in Calderdale. It is generally found in ceiling corners. The spiders body is around 7 mm long and the legs can be 70mm long so it is quite distinctive. If anyone sees one please let me know (grid ref + date).


Steve Blacksmith said...

It looks like a 10-legged spider, Bruce.

"Daddy long legs" is also applied to a group of flies and to harvestmen!

I'll look out for Pholcus; does he bite?

Calderdale Wildlife said...

You are right Steve it did look to have 10 legs!

Posted a different picture now.
And yes it does bite, but unlikely to penetrate our skin. It prefers other spiders.