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Friday, 5 March 2021

Withens Clough - mosses and lichen

We recently walked around the reservoir coming back along the dam wall. We noticed a number of different mosses and lichen...... no idea what species they might all be but they all looked stunning, growing on nothing but the stones.

This last photo was the most interesting species with small red-ish (fruiting bodies?). The best we can do is Cladonia sp ? maybe cristatella or coccifera ? British Soldier Lichen ???


  1. I would like to learn more about our local lichens. It seems that this area has plenty of them.
    Those red tipped lichens are very striking when out on the moors, there are several Cladonia species which have these red apothecia. Cladonia floerkeana is one which has no cups so your is most likely Cladonia diversa which is similar to C. coccifera

  2. Ryburn Reservoir wall along the embankment walk-way also has a lush moss growth. Even small fungi grow there in thye moss and fruit in autumn. It's a concrete wall at Ryburn so the species are likely to be different perhaps.