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Sunday, 10 May 2020

Return of the Rabbits

Every few years the rabbits disappear from my area due to Myxomatosis. Usually at this time of year I can look out of my window and see them out on the hillside, but they have been gone since mid-summer last year. They are still not colonising the hillside opposite my window, but early one morning, coming back from my daily Dawn Chorus walk (that's another story!) I rounded the corner of Lumbutts and Causeway Wood Road to see these 2 beauties basking in the morning sun. And of course, rabbits being rabbits, where there are two, there will be more!


  1. Nice to see again! I had one, a big one, down Bankhouse Wood behind the house for a couple of mornings recently. First for ages. It's intriguing where they come from after they've apparently all died off. Cute and such an important part of the food chain, not to mention their inestimable value grazing the grass short, thus allowing certain plants to flourish, and then the insects can be there that need those plants or the extra sunlight.

  2. You've raised some excellent points there, Steve, particularly the relationship between their grazing and the benefit to other species. Another important fact about rabbits is of course that they are incredibly cute.

  3. Nice one Annie. Young rabbits are now appearing at Cold Edge and Ogden. I've seen quite a few this week - good news all round.