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Wednesday, 31 May 2017

Fallow Deer

I saw these 5 Fallow Deer today at Bingley. Obviously a wild population as they all jumped over the wall and away.


  1. Everyone be alert to other species of deer in Calderdale.

    By far the most often seen is Roe, but I've seen what looked like a Red deer hind, though have since found out that escaped deer farm animals are hybrids between Red a Sika. A picture of c.5 Sika stags was taken at Walsden.

    Andy Cockroft got a convincing picture of a Fallow, though it was just its side without its head. The spots it had on a mature animal seemed pretty conclusive that it was a Fallow. Can't remember where though it was in Calderdale.

  2. Red Deer were in Ogden water woods a couple of years ago Steve, I saw 3 of them and other people also reported seeing them to the workers in the cafe.