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Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Calderdale Barn Owls 07 03 2016

I Was watching a Barn Owl Locally on 07 03 16 when another flew nearby, the two were close together at one point,certainly been quite a few sightings Locally over the last few Years .I know Phillip saw 2 outside our area,recently,and a few of us have had some great sightings Locally in the last few Years.So watch out if anyones out and about late afternoon onwards,there could be more than we realise.


  1. That's an amazing photo, Brian!
    They have also now been seen in one area near Hebden (a single) and two at a site near Halifax.

    I now have frogspawn in my pond at Halifax - just a month after yours.

  2. Great shot Brian, its lovely to have the Barn Owls returning to Calderdale

  3. Thanks for comments,it is Really Great knowing there are more of these Magical Owls Locally,and let's hope we get a few pairs Breeding in the near future,regards Bri.

  4. What a superb photo Brian! Gorgeous bird - and a prizewinning photo.

  5. Seen another Barn Owl twice near Walsden 14th and 19th April !