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Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Walshaw Moor Estate,Business As Usual !! 16 02 2016

Had a couple of hours up on Walshaw Moor yesterday,and

yet again  More Burning Off  was being carried out, on the Walshaw Moor Shooting Estate !

(For issues surrounding this controversial burning please click on link in Bruce's post, a few posts down on 5th Feb. SB )


  1. Yes we can confirm that Walshaw Estate have been burning since Boxing Day floods and seem to have very little regard for those of us who live in the valley below.We have seen several areas that have been burnt this year as well as yesterdays burning.We will continue to monitor this and take photographs.

  2. Look at Google earth you can see just how much damage they are doing.....

  3. Cant be good for entomology pollinators and other inverts

  4. This is terrible. I observed similar on Saddleworth Moor on Monday. Keep monitoring!

  5. Matt Wilson of Littleborough points out that though reptiles can easily get down holes, when they re-emerge they are extra-vulnerable to avian predators due to the lack of cover.

  6. Hi Brian and Ros - I work for Friends of the Earth and we are looking for pics we can send in to the Govt's Flood Resilience Review of heather burning. I've been visiting communities in Cumbria to get their stories of the flooding, but good to include thoughts from people in Calderdale too. I saw your comments on the burning on the Calderdale flood website and found your photos here. You can contact me on Many many thanks Anna

  7. Hi Anna,thanks for the Comments,we will email you,and hopefully get something sorted,we need to keep this momentum going,and Keep Up The Pressure on this Most Crucial Environmental Issue.Thanks.Regards Brian and Ros.