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Sunday, 27 September 2015

Aurora Borealis 17 03 2015.

Hi,sorry this is late,Managed to see Aurora Borealis this March gone.Seen from Flowerscar Road near Todmorden .Could see light green cast about 22 30 which intensified towards Midnight,i couldnt see any purplish colour with naked eye,which camera picked up,but certainly could see the Green ,amazing to see Locally ,all the conditions have to be perfect to have a chance,but it does happen occasionally.Regards Brian.


  1. Lucky you Brian.
    We tried but missed it. Went home about 10.30pm!

    It's possible to set up Aurora alert. My daughter has it, and lets me know when she gets a message. Neither of us has seen it yet though.

  2. What a brilliant photograph Brian. It looks amazing, hopefully Oliver and I will get chance so see it one day too.



  3. Thanks for comments,hopefully we will get a few opportunities these coming Weeks,fingers crossed,regards Bri.

  4. I hope we do, the colours look amazing x

  5. You deserved to see it Bri,I know how may hours you put in.Would love to see it too one day.

  6. Thanks for comments,I went home about 0045 thinking it had all finished and found out it actually reappeared ! Il remember to stay longer next time ! Regards Bri.