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Saturday, 10 May 2014

Water Crowfoot

Hi all Information is required regarding any records of Water Crowfoot (possibly Ranunculus aquatilis) in the Calderdale area, both old and recent records will be most welcome. Please email me directly for now at (brucehoyle(at) Many thanks

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  1. I don't know Frank's pond at Blackley he mentions in the Flora.

    From the habitat descriptions in Wilmore's Atlas of West Yorkshire, I think the one we see usually is Ranunculus omiophyllus which seems to be Round-leaved Water Crowfoot. Is the enquirer only interested in R.aquatilis?

    Anyway, the one I think is R.omiophyllus is quite frequent on muddy paths and ditches at reservoirs we walk round, such as Widdop and Withens Clough Res's. Also at Flints Moor, in a shallow permanent pond/marsh on the left of the track leading up to the WW2 Starfish Site.(Bunker.)

    The aquatic Crowfoot group is numerous and complicated to identify. See Clapham, Tutin and Moore Flora of Brit. Isles 1990 visible online - Google Books- "look inside" tab - go to page 46.