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Thursday, 22 March 2012

Hebden Hey Toad Update

Toad sightings at Hebden Hey were recorded far earlier than last year! After Portia's February report from Todmorden, I headed up and saw my first toads at Hebden Hey on 2nd March. I recorded 4 live and 1 dead toad, and 6 live and 1 dead Palmate Newt. A visit on Sunday 4th March recorded more casualties.

As Hebden Hey experiences most of its traffic at weekends when the Scout Huts are in use, an enthusiastic group of old and new volunteers started patrolling the next Friday. Since then we have recorded:

- Friday 9th: Helped - 83 toads, 26 newts and 3 frogs.  Casualties - 20 toads, 6 newts and 2 frogs.
- Saturday 10th: Helped - 43 toads, 16 newts and 1 frog. Casualties - 7 toads and 2 frogs.
- Sunday 11th (afternoon): Helped - 11 toads and 4 newts. Casualties - 7 toads and 2 newts.
- Friday 16th: Helped - 22 toads and four newts. No casualties.
- Saturday 17th: Helped - 3 toads and 7 newts. Casualties - 2 toads.

Here's hoping there will be more out on some warmer evenings this week!

1 comment:

  1. Lot's of activity there, Christine.
    I'm still going to Washer Lane alone as there's been no rush of toads. Helped one tonight. A resident says they've helped about 5. No casualties either.