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Saturday, 27 November 2010

Sika Deer

According to this link there are Sika deer in Luddenden and they are under threat from a venison farmer.
I didn't realise there were Sika in Calderdale. Is this good or bad?



    Sorry here is the link

  2. Hi Philip
    I think that they a classed as a pest, stripping trees for instance. Perhaps Steve can add to that?

    This is the link for shooting law.

  3. Philip.

    It seems that if the landowner gives permission then they can be shot.
    See this link for more info:

  4. There is a herd of sika in a a deer park at Holywell Green - next to Shaaw Park.

    According to Derek Yalden "History of British Mammals" nearly all our red deer now have sika blood in them. Over the years escapees have joined the herds and they produce fertile hybrids. He says it is too late to save our pure British race of red deer.

  5. That last sentence sounds as if I am a racist nationalist which I am not!

  6. Deer (inc Sika Schedule 1 ) are governed by the Deer Act 1991 with particular reference to closed season which the land owner must duly conform

    Failure to conform to the act is a criminal act and carries a penalty of prison sentence or substantial fine

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